Getting my period after giving birth!

Finally got my period after 5 months postpartum and man I do not miss the PMS at all! 

I have major bloating, feeling tired and moody.  Luckily I am not having lots of blood clots and not super heavy flow.  It's heavy but not where I have to change my pad every two hours like I used to! Also my milk has been decreasing since I've been having my period.  I only pump half of what I usually get so its been frustrating! 

It's literally been a year since my last period and I have to wrap my mind about how my body is changing again and how I have to adapt to this in my daily life of being a mother and working two jobs! It really sucks the life out of you and dealing with baby girl's sleeping regression where she is waking up crying every two hours is driving me nuts.  

But during this time I am doing things that are helping my mental health and literally not going to skip it cause I know how important it is to put my mental health first! If I don't put myself first then I can't help my daughter and be a good wife.  So I have been eating nutritious meals, working out and breath work! 

It feels overwhelming with my crazy life schedule but having a strong positive mindset has really helped me get through this week! 

I didn't have a strong positive mindset before I got pregnant I had to learn and change my mindset.  Being infertile and dealing with Endometriosis pain really put me in a depressed state.  But overcoming and learning tools to help my mental state now I know how to shift my mindset and to make sure I do things to help ME out! 

But the moral of this blog is to let y'all know that the first period after giving birth is not as bad as before I gave birth and I am hoping it stays like this or will get better.  This reminds me of having to go back to listening to my body more and to eat and do certain things to help manage my Endometriosis and hormones!