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Meet Kathy!

Kathy is an entrepreneur, certified health and life coach, and proud new mom to a baby girl. As someone who understands the unique challenges of overcoming Endometriosis, I am passionate about helping you navigate life's hurdles with strength and empowerment.

Kathy Mou, the heart and soul behind Happy Vibes LLC, a transformative health consulting company deeply rooted in the power of holistic and functional medicine. Trusted by mothers and corporate professionals alike, my mission is to empower you on a journey of wellness and vitality.

At Happy Vibes, we believe in the uniqueness of each individual. That's why I'm thrilled to offer you a personalized and detailed 1:1 coaching plan, tailored to your specific needs and aspirations.

As the founder and CEO, my passion lies in guiding you towards true well-being and empowerment. Through the fusion of science-backed practices and nurturing support, we'll unlock the hidden potential within you.




It all started when I was trying to conceive...

My journey began with the heartfelt desire to become a mother. However, after a year of unsuccessful attempts, I knew there was something amiss with my body.

I experienced troublesome symptoms such as prolonged periods lasting up to 10 days, heavy bleeding, and painful, large blood clots. Persistent spotting before my periods also raised concerns.

Amid the challenges of COVID-19, I had to wait for two long months before I could finally see an OBGYN. Nevertheless, it was a Thanksgiving flare-up that propelled me to take action. The excruciating pain, as if my stomach and uterus were on fire, left me in agony, and I was fortunate to have the comforting presence of my caring sisters.

Growing up, I had always endured challenging periods, but the symptoms eased when I started taking birth control in my 20s. I believed it was simply a part of having "bad periods." However, after conducting some research online, my symptoms seemed to align remarkably with Endometriosis.

A visit to the ER revealed an ovarian cyst, which the doctor assured me was common and not a significant concern. When I finally saw my OBGYN and expressed my suspicions about Endometriosis, I was met with dismissal. Despite the reassurance, I trusted my instincts that there was more to the puzzle.

In the face of this uncertainty and pain, I began my journey of self-advocacy and empowerment. I sought answers and the support I needed to uncover the truth about my health. Through persistence and determination, I finally received the diagnosis of Endometriosis.

Now, armed with knowledge and a sense of purpose, I've embarked on a mission to raise awareness about Endometriosis and support other women facing similar challenges. As a Health and Life Coach, I am committed to guiding women through their own journeys of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

Remember, this is what's possible when you trust your intuition, advocate for your health, and never give up on your dreams. Together, we'll find strength, healing, and new possibilities in the face of adversity. You are not alone in this journey, and I am here to walk beside you every step of the way.



But then everything changed...

During one of my ultrasound appointments for ovarian cysts, an observant ultrasound technician made a significant discovery - a chocolate cyst, finally confirming my Endometriosis diagnosis.

The diagnosis was a game-changer for me, providing answers to my struggles with infertility and debilitating period pain. It became the starting point of my holistic healing journey, as traditional healthcare had failed to address my needs adequately.

Knowing that I had to heal my body before attempting to conceive, I made radical changes to my lifestyle. Embracing a high-fiber diet, eliminating processed foods, and incorporating meditation, journaling, and yoga into my daily routine became my new way of life. I embraced the healing power of acupuncture and sought support from a therapist as well, committing myself to these practices for a whole year.

My husband and I decided to explore IVF as a viable option to increase our chances of having a child. However, before starting IVF, I had to undergo an excision laparoscopy to remove the painful chocolate ovarian cysts. After the laparoscopy in July 2021, we officially embarked on our IVF journey in October 2021.

The first IVF transfer brought us the joy of pregnancy, but sadly, it ended in a miscarriage after two weeks, leaving me feeling heartbroken and depressed. It was then that I decided to take a break and allow myself time to heal emotionally.

In a twist of fate, just before starting my second round of IVF, a miracle occurred. I discovered that I had gotten pregnant naturally in January 2022! This unexpected gift filled my heart with hope and renewed strength, reminding me that sometimes life's most beautiful moments emerge amidst the most challenging circumstances.


 Now I'm able to live the life I want...

a fulfilling journey as a mother to my baby girl and a devoted Health and Life Coach, supporting other women through their challenging times.

My own experiences have ignited my desire to help women who feel hopeless, isolated, and depressed. As an empath, my calling has always been to assist others, and now I can lend a helping hand to women who are navigating the path I once trod.

Empowering women to fearlessly embrace their true selves and find unwavering happiness is my ultimate passion. I hold firm in the belief that every woman holds incredible power and greatness within, and my mission is to guide them in recognizing and unleashing their true potential.

Having faced my own battles with Endometriosis, Mental Health, and Infertility, I have become a passionate advocate for these crucial topics. My commitment is to raise awareness and provide support to women facing these challenges. Together, we'll work towards early diagnosis and proper care for Endometriosis to spare women from unnecessary suffering.

Now, as a Health and Life Coach, I'm on a mission to empower women facing similar struggles, offering guidance, support, and the power of holistic healing. Together, we'll navigate the hurdles, embrace the unexpected, and find the path to our dreams, one step at a time. Remember, in the face of uncertainty, your journey may hold surprises that will lead you to the happiness and fulfillment you deserve.

Fun facts!

Born and raised in the suburbs in California alongside my 1 brother, 2 sisters (1 is my twin), and amazing mom + dad

I'm in love with positivity and creating impact in the world.


I’m obsessed with being a mom! I’m married to a great hubby, and we have 1 sweet girl.


My parents owned an American Fast Food restaurant I grew up learning what hard work means.


I am proud to be a first generation Chinese/Taiwanese American and can speak Mandarin.

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