Endometriosis Coach

Meet Kathy!

Kathy is an entrepreneur, certified health and life coach specializing in helping people with Endometriosis and a new mom to a baby girl.


Kathy Mou is the founder and CEO of Happy Vibes LLC, a health consulting company rooted in holistic & functional medicine and trusted by mothers and corporate professionals.  I offer a custom detailed 1:1 coaching plan. 

Kathy is also a proud mom of a new born daughter, and focuses on family, flexibility, and fulfillment as core values in the company she built.




It all started when I was trying to conceive...

I always wanted to be a mother and when I was trying to conceive with the husband after a year of no success I knew something was off and wrong with my body.  

I had lots of spotting before my periods and my periods would be long lasting up to 10 days and would hurt, have heavy bleeding and huge blood clots.  

So I finally booked an appointment with an OBGYN and due to covid I had to wait 2 months to see a doctor! 

But what triggered me to really see a doctor was during Thanksgiving 2020 I had a flare up but at the time I didn't know I had Endometriosis I was in so much pain that my stomach and uterus was on fire and it was so painful that I was throwing up and crying laying on the floor where I almost passed out.  Luckily my sisters were there and rubbing my belly and giving me Tylenol which helped relieve my symptoms after being in pain for an hour.  

Growing up I always had bad periods but once I started taking birth control in my 20s those symptoms went away.  I thought I always just had a bad period.  But after doing some research via google I saw that I may have Endometriosis which matched all my symptoms so well. 

After going to the ER to only find out that I had an ovarian cyst and would need to go get checked up by my OBGYN I thought nothing of it since the doctor said it was not a big deal and very common I had a cyst.  When I finally was able to see my OBGYN and asked if I may have Endometriosis she totally dismissed it and said NO it can't be you just have a bad period.  I knew in my gut that there was something more.  


But then everything changed...


Getting multiple ultrasounds for my ovarian cysts an ultrasound technician found out that I had a chocolate cyst and that was finally confirmation that I had Endometriosis.  

Finally being diagnosed changed the game for me and helped me explain my infertility and period pain issues.  That was when I began my journey of healing my body holistically since the traditional health care system failed me.  

I knew I had to heal my body first and prep my body so I can carry a child! I changed my whole lifestyle by eating a high fiber diet, cutting out processed foods, adding meditation, journaling and yoga to my daily routine and going for daily walks to stay active.  I found a therapist and an acupuncture and did all these things for a year!

The hubby and I wanted to try IVF since I wanted to try everything! I was going to start my IVF journey but I had to get a laparoscopy first to get rid of my chocolate ovarian cysts that was causing me so much pain! So I got my laparoscopy in July 2021 and then started my IVF journey in October 2021.  

My first IVF transfer worked and I got pregnant but after two weeks I got a miscarriage.  I was so sad and depressed.  I finally took a break from everything and right before my second round of IVF I found out I got pregnant naturally January 2022! 


 Now I'm able to live the life I want...

I am a mother to my baby girl and am a health and life coach helping other woman get passed this really tough time in their life!

Through my journey I want to help other woman who feels hopeless, alone and depressed! As an empath I've always wanted to help others and now I can help other woman who are going through what I've been through! 

I’m really passionate about helping woman with Endometriosis, Infertility and Mental Health to get the life they have always wanted! 

I think it’s so important to continue to give help and spread awareness about Endometriosis and have doctors be able to diagnose this dreadful disease which is actually so common in women!

Fun facts!

Born and raised in the suburbs in California alongside my 1 brother, 2 sisters (1 is my twin), and amazing mom + dad

I'm in love with positivity and creating impact in the world.


I’m obsessed with being a mom! I’m married to a great hubby, and we have 1 sweet girl.


My parents owned an American Fast Food restaurant I grew up learning what hard work means.


I am proud to be a first generation Chinese/Taiwanese American and can speak Mandarin.

Ready to get the dream life you've always wanted?