Do you desire comprehensive support that encompasses structure, accountability, and emotional guidance to help you stay consistent and motivated?


Numerology Guidance Card Reading

Unlock the Power of Numerology Guidance Cards Today!

What you'll receive:

-Personalized Numerology Guidance Card Reading

-Insightful Analysis of Your Question

-Actionable Advice for Your Life Path

Don't miss this chance to gain profound insights and guidance through the ancient wisdom of numerology. Purchase your Numerology Guidance Card Reading now and embark on a journey of self-discovery and clarity.


If you're facing any adversity in your life, whether it's physical or emotional, I can help you empower yourself to overcome it!!

I work with you 1:1 to create a personalized empowerment plan using the tools and strategies that have enabled me to overcome adversity. Through weekly sessions, I provide support, guidance, and new tools to help you stay on track and hold you accountable to your goals. I am passionate about helping you connect with your inner strength and lead you through this journey, as I have experienced and triumphed over these challenges myself!

My empowerment program will empower you to transform from feeling hopeless to feeling hopeful.


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Here's how we can work together:

1:1 Coaching

I will empower you with the tools to overcome challenges and create a personalized plan to achieve your goals, providing weekly support and accountability for 12 weeks!



“I'm completely new to life coaching and in just one month I've known Kathy, I can honestly say that it's been amazing! I suffer from Endometriosis and other chronic illnesses and she has been able to really help manage my pain and anxiety in such a short amount of time.  I went from completely bedridden to being able to move and get out for a short walk and stand for 30 mins a day.  She's extremely encouraging, professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach!” - Roxy M.

So if you're tired of...

  • Feeling stuck and unfulfilled in your life, unsure of your true purpose and potential.
  • Struggling with self-doubt and a lack of confidence, longing to step into your authentic power.
  • Dealing with constant stress and overwhelm, seeking a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle.
  • Experiencing challenges in your relationships, craving meaningful connections and communication.
  • Yearning for a life filled with purpose, passion, and clarity.

Then let's change that!