Being Pregnant In My Third Trimester!

Being in my third trimester was a little better! I was not nauseas anymore but I still didn't have an appetite! I still worked out all the way up until my c-section date!

I had my baby shower a week before my schedule c-section and did my maternity photoshoot! 

I was also stressed out because my doctor was telling me that I may have to get a scheduled c-section and would not be able to give natural birth because of my low laying placenta and how there are a bunch of blood vessels where baby girl would come out if she would to come out naturally which would be high risk for both of us! I had to go to weekly ultrasound appointments. 

So finally a month of ultrasounds it was determined that I was going to have to have a scheduled c section on August 31, 2022 which made me sad because baby girl would come out at 36 weeks which would determine that she is a premie baby!