Tapping into Your Power and Spirituality with Reiki Master Michelle Badagliacca

In this powerful and heartfelt episode of Ignite Your Power: The Kathy Mou podcast, we dive into the realms of spirituality and personal awakening with our special guest, Michelle Badagliacca, a Reiki master, spiritual teacher, podcast host and empowerment coach. Together, we explore the profound journey of tapping into your inner power to live a bliss soft life.

Michelle shares her personal story of spiritual awakening and how Reiki has transformed her life. We also discuss a deeply personal and often taboo topic—miscarriage. Through sharing our own experiences, we aim to break the silence and provide a space for healing and understanding.

Join us as we uncover the ways in which spirituality and self-awareness can guide you through life's challenges and help you embrace your true potential. Whether you’re seeking to deepen your spiritual practice, overcome personal struggles, or simply find more peace and joy in your daily life, this episode is a must-listen.

Tune in to discover:

Michelle's journey to becoming a Reiki master

The transformative power of spiritual awakening

How to navigate the emotional landscape of miscarriage

Practical tips for tapping into your personal power and spirituality

If you’re inspired by our conversation and wish to work with me one-on-one, book a numerology guidance card reading, or connect with Michelle for a Reiki session or other coaching needs, we encourage you to reach out.

Embrace your power and start living the bliss soft life you deserve!

Michelle's info:

Michelle Badagliacca is a spiritual teacher, feminine empowerment coach, host of Soul Over Matter Podcast, and Reiki Master. She helps women overcome people pleasing, step out of the spiritual closet, and step into their fullest potential in mind, body, and spirit. 

Instagram: michelle.the.mystic

Website: https://michelle-badagliacca.mykajabi.com/

My website: www.kathymou.com to book your free Empowerment Call or to book a numerology guidance card reading!